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Manure Management

Manure Management

Manure treatment unit

Every farm operation in Pennsylvania that land applies manure or agricultural process wastewater (generated on the farm or received from an importer), regardless of size, is required by 25 Pa. Code Chapter 91, Section 91.36 to have and implement a written Manure Management Plan, unless your operation has already implemented an Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan. This includes hobby farms that only have 1 or 2 animals.  These plans do not need to be submitted for review and approval, but these plans must be maintained and available on site for when an agricultural inspection occurs.


Requirements for your Manure Management Plan:
❏   Contact Information

❏      Date Developed

❏      Current with Operation

❏      Acres Available for Application are Identified

❏      Animal Information (Type, Number, Days on Farm per Year)

❏      Environmentally Sensitive Area Worksheet Completed (Surface Waters, Wells, Sinkholes…)

❏      Manure Management Plan Summary Completed

❏      Records for Crop Yields, Manure Transfers, Monthly Manure Storage Inspections

❏      Descriptions of Manure Storage Facilities

❏      Descriptions of Pasture Management Practices

❏      Descriptions of Animal Concentrated Areas (ACAs) including associated Best Management Practices (BMPs)

cows near a fence by water
The District can help in identifying areas and how to appropriately plan for these areas.

❏      Winter Manure Application Worksheet if applicable

❏      Maps

❏      Farm Boundaries

❏      Field Boundaries

❏      Field Names and Acreages

❏      Location of Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Manure Setbacks

❏      Location of Proposed and Existing Storages

❏       Location of Stockpiling

❏       Location of all Pastures

❏      Location of all ACAs

❏      Location of Roads within and Adjacent to the Farm

Download your free electronic copy of the Manure Management Manual, or contact the office to pick up a hard copy.

Click here for materials to write your manure management plan: https://extension.psu.edu/programs/nutrient-management/manure/plan-writing

Contact Agricultural Resource Specialist Lauren Leinbach for any questions regarding your plan or to schedule an on-site farm visit.

Office Phone: 717-582-8988 ext.3003    Email: lleinbach@perryco.org

bare pasture

good pasture with cows