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Big Trees of Perry County

Big Trees of Perry County

The Perry County Conservation District maintains a survey of champion Perry County trees.  Listed on this page is the list of these current champions.  If you know of a tree that may be a candidate for this list, contact us for more information.
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You can find out more about Pennsylvania Champion Trees at: www.pabigtrees.com

Perry County Conservation District

Big Tree Survey 2004 last updated Dec. 2023

Survey Date (mm/dd/yy)Circum-
ference (Inches)
Height (Feet)Spread
Ash, Biltmore271.58/6/20041748166Joe BistlineRoute 850 just North of Bells Hill Road
runner-up266.97/1/200414710367.5George Posmosa1218 State RD
Ash, Green252.46/30/20041657261.5James EshelmanDellville RD
runner-up2597/15/200410413772Max KretzingMax Kretzing property in woods
Aspen, Bigtooth1488/3/2004586985Don KlineDCNR District Office
Basswood, American 
226.57/15/20041169754Max KretzingKretzing Property
Beech, American235.758/5/200411610751Joe MontgomeryDCNR Property - Back Hollow RD
runner-up223N/A1148623Sally TengeresFox Hollow RD
Birch, Black or Sweet1068/17/200552449.8Phil EckertDCNR  Concord Road, north side
Birch, Paper73.758/2/20112543.55.25Bradley SloopDCNR Concord Road, south side
Birch, Yellow1908/18/200588.58566Mike KernDCNR Wolf Road,Posse Trail at Stream
runner-up92.68/17/2005414622.5Phil EckertDCNR Germantown Road, south side
Buckeye, Yellow1259/10/2004605732Phil EckertBrodisch Property 107 E. Main Bloomfield
Butternut2088/25/20061009612Phil EckertState Forest-Laurel Run/3 Square Hollow
runner-up1158/18/2005594640Don KlineDCNR Hickory Ridge, Shearer Dug Trail
Catalpa28010/24/20031799043.5May BeaverBeaver Property - 201 Trout Run RD
runner-up26010/24/20031598661.5May BeaverBeaver Property - 201 Trout Run RD
Cedar, Eastern Red1767/28/2011996932Bradley SloopBethel Church Cemetary- Grier Point Rd, Marysville
runner-up174.756/25/20041056327Sally TengeresCemetary Rte 849
Cedar, Northern White121.512/10/2004654930Phil EckertBloomfield Cemetary--Center
Cherry, Black211.6257/19/20049210942.5Don KlineHemlock Natural Area
Cherry, Sweet159.86/30/20041034451Sally TengeresMartz Farm Dellville
Survey Date (mm/dd/yy)Circum-
ference (Inches)
Height (Feet)Spread
Chestnut, American75.39/16/2004373321.2Phil EckertSGL 256 on 274
runner-up142.59/10/20047853.544Sally TengeresBrodisch Property 107 East Main NB
Chestnut, Chinese1508/18/200564.77539.5Don KlineDCNR, Back Hollow Rd at double pipeline
runner-up140.6258/4/2004646546.5Sally TengeresGermany Ridge RD - Stone Church
Coffee Tree, Kentucky1413/7/20056464.848Phil EckertRauch prop.-121 W. High St. Bloomfield
Cucumber2298/18/200511410444.5Mike KernDCNR Laurel Run Rd. Skid trail at Cold Spring Run
Dogwood64.59/16/20043123.440.4Howard OesterlingOesterling Prop.-100 Country Creek Road
Elm, American259.4Fall 2003141.593.25115.5Rev. Canon & Mrs. William Warne567-9784 - 119 S. Second ST Newport
runner-up236.76/25/2004141.580.260Marcelena PisaniMillerstown - Old stone house
Elm, Chinese228.510/24/200312883.517May Beaver201 Trout Run Millerstown
Ginkgo Biloba229.6258/6/20041328358.5Gene OdatoW. Main ST. New Bloomfield
Gum, Black220.3758/6/20041178861.5Sally TengeresKistler RD
runner-up218.910/5/200410793.573.5Ralph DeSantoDesanto Prop Ickesburg16 Log Hse lane
Gum, Sweet176.53/10/20057880.572Phil EckertRichwine prop. 32 W. HighSt. Bloomfield
runner-up167.79/16/20047778.349.5Howard Oesterling100 Country Creek Road
Hackberry243.410/14/20031458073.5Thomas BalthaserNewport Autoparts Store
runner-up226.8757/13/20041169467.5Phil EckertLamb Property - 1901 Homestead RD
Hemlock, Eastern247.1257/19/20041458952.5Don KlineHemlock Natural Area
runner-up214.257/19/20041297733Don KlineHemlock Road
Hickory, Mockernut203.6258/6/2004969070.5Sally TengeresMcMillen Farm - Landisburg
runner-up195.47/6/2004918673.5Sally Tengeres1025 State RD Duncannon
Hickory, Pecan192.47/6/20041017373.5Ken and Denise SmithLinden Ave. Marysville
Hickory, Pignut1559/16/2004766268Howard OesterlingOesterling Prop. 100 Country Creek Road
Hickory, Shagbark260.57/15/200413311166Max KretzingKretzing Property
runner-up251.58/3/20041379386Martha LittleLittle Property - Shermansdale
Survey Date (mm/dd/yy)Circum-
ference (Inches)
Height (Feet)Spread
Hickory, Shellbark       
Locust, Black249.3Fall 200314785.648Dick ColyerJCT Rt. 34 & Sandy Hollow RD
Locust, Honey270.8Fall 200315894.1774Ronald BoggsFranklin residence,584 Pine Grove Rd, NB
runner-up190.758/6/2004987763Ed McMillenMcMillen Farm - Landisburg
Magnolia, Saucer109.1257/6/2004583852.5Bob and Linda DurganS. Main ST Marysville
Maple, Norway264.56/30/20041598678MeredithHigh ST Duncannon
runner-up1928/17/200510768.566Phil EckertPatterson Prop. 17 N. Carlisle St, New Bloom
Maple, Red233.17/19/200411610452.5Don KlineHemlock Natural Area
runner-up229.59/15/20041615746Ray GarlinGarlin Prop. 576 Bower Ridge Road
Maple, Silver358.57/6/2004221112102Julie NollSantiago Property - Bucks Valley RD
runner-up350.757/1/20042468963Pat Bennet702 S. Main ST Marysville
Maple, Sugar227.58/2/200410210966Sally TengeresNagle Property - Eshcol Ridge RD
runner-up213.84/15/200498.510061Don KlineHart Ridge Trail - Fowler Hollow
Maple, Striped55.58/17/2005212730Sally TengeresDCNR Germantown Rd, south side
Mulberry, Red2154/28/20041604253Don KlineDCNR Property
Oak, Black274.257/1/20041658981Bonnie SimmonsCove RD Duncannon
Oak, Chestnut2686/28/20041846960Paula SassamanHuggins Property - Duncannon
Oak, Pin2946/25/200417010384Marcelena PisaniMillerstown - Old stone house
runner-up221.46/23/20041396761.5Sally TengeresLovers Lane - Witmer Property
Oak, Red304.510/6/2004160116114Brad DiPauloWhite Property Burley Road
runner-up30312/20/20231909379.9Rick ShifferOff of Old Trail Road, Duncannon
Oak, Scarlet167.49/23/20046989.535.6Mike KernState Forest-Turkey Pens Trail
Oak, White3348/6/20042377396Susan ReisingerKennedy's Valley
runner-up313.4Fall 200316712497.5Alexander GrabiecNew Bloomfield
Osage, Orange145.69/15/2004825534.4Phil EckertGroff Prop. Cold Storage Road
Date (mm/dd/yy)
ference (Inches)
Height (Feet)Spread
Persimmon174.49/20/20051065650.5Ben Bower/Don KlineGrayson prop. Germantown Road
runner-up94.08/4/200450.3367.5Bill WitmerLiverpool. Orchard Road/Crows Crossing
Pine, Pitch202.94/15/20048311135.5Don KlineAnthill Trail - Laurel Run
Pine, Shortleaf1116/23/2004604524Tom BalthaserBalthaser Property - 472 Old Ferry RD
Pine, Table Mountain125.49/14/200448.57123.6Joe KellertState Forest Upper Buck Ridge Raod
Pine, Virginia127.59/14/2004546726Joe KellertState Forest Upper Buck Ridge Raod
runner-up102.257/19/200458.53343Don KlineDCNR District Office
Pine, White283.47/15/200413813349.5Don KlineAnthill Trail - Laurel Run
runner-up248.6258/5/20041349770.5Don KlineAnthill Trail - Laurel Run
Poplar, Tulip or Yellow300.1258/3/200414813952.5Max KretzingKretzing Property near Wrm Sprngs Lodge
runner-up2908/4/2011172100.670.5Jack & Lynda ZogbyHigh Street, Duncannon
Redbud, American86.45/25/20055325.57.9Chuck CooperLyter Prop.? 2366 Shermans Valley Rd EB
runner-up63.257/19/2004342133Don KlineDCNR District Office
Sassafras158.6257/19/2004915742.5Joe KellertHickory Ridge Wildlife Area (DCNR)
runner-up149.256/23/2004914833Thomas BalthaserBalthaser Property - 472 Old Ferry RD
Spruce, Norway2203/22/20051297850Phil EckertOld Union Cemetary N.Bloomfield
runner-up1947/1/20041087351Larry YohnMarket St. Duncannon
Sycamore403.25Fall 2003253122.42222Wayne ZieglerJCt Rt 17 and Seven Stars Road
runner-up4027/9/2004221152115.5DiPaolo FamilyNick's Island - Duncannon
Walnut, Black258.258/6/20041607881Ed McMillen McMillen Farm - Landisburg
runner-up239.97/9/200412010367.5DiPaolo FamilyNick's Island - Duncannon
Walnut, English17910/5/20041045964.5Brad DipauloVanier property Burley Road
runner-up124.57/9/2004793542Mary Adams303 Newport RD - Martin Property
Willow, Black 
230.258/6/200410710093Ed McMillen McMillen Farm - Landisburg
runner-up222.1258/6/20041169064.5Ed McMillen McMillen Farm - Landisburg
Willow, Weeping366.757/16/20042569179Alan BailetsJCT Airport RD & RT 17
Willow, White248.1258/5/20041596884.5Meredith & SallyBistline Property - Montour RD